Surprisingly enough, it’s as if this happens in waves.

Every few weeks, I get a rash of people informing me that I look like David Spade.  If it’s not David Spade it’s Luke Skywalker or (once or twice) James McAvoy.  But I only get McAvoy if I’m biting my lower lip and squinting my eyes.  Hey, I take what I can get.

But David Spade is still the most popular comparison.  I’ve been getting that one since junior high.  And it’s not an insult.  David Spade is a pretty funny guy and he’s not a monster.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he was dating Heather Locklear. 

The conversations have become generic and interchangable. 

“Hey, you know who you remind me of?”
“David Spade.”
“He was on Saturday Night Live.  And that one show on NBC.”
“David Spade?”
“He did that movie with Chris Farley…”
“Is it David Spade?  Because it’s David Spade.”
“That’s it!  David Spade!  Do you get that a lot?”

Yes, yes I do.  As you can see by my picture, our similarities are slim.  We are both small, have creepy, rat-like features, and a sense of sarcasm that angers Steven Seagal.  I’ve also appeared on two canceled sitcoms, much like Mr. Spade.

I’m not complaining, make no mistake about that.  Being compared to a celebrity is flattering.  And I know I’m not the best looking cat in the world, so David Spade or Luke Skywalker are fairly impressive.  I’m sitting pretty in the world of celebrity look-a-likes. 

Of course, being told I look like Han Solo, now that would be cool.  I know, I know, Luke was the hero but Han was so…bad ass.  Luke was kind of whiney and girlish.  And he kissed his sister.  And his dad was a dick.

And David Spade is cool but his career has slowed some.  And he always has a disturbing thin mustache.  And…

Forget it, I shouldn’t worry about it.  A compliment is a compliment. 

However, I still think I look like a young Ving Rhames.  Aside from the muscles and skin tone.