There are certain days when I feel older than I did the day before.  It’s not a bad thing necessarily, just odd.  Yesterday, I made one of my most exciting purchases of the year (aside from my iPhone of course).  I headed into Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought an egg crate mattress.  A little one for my little twin size bed.  Lately, my sleeping has been a bit restless and I have been waking up tired.  Along with changing my diet, I have cleaned all my sheets (I do this regularly, by the way) and now I have an egg crate to add to all of this.  I will sleep like a king!

As a child, this would excite me for all of two minutes.  But now, this is a real joy.  Like finding furniture in the street or discovering that your credit card bill is lower than expected.  I don’t play my Wii as much as I should, I read non-fiction books and I regularly watch Meet The Press.  The Brandon of five years ago would be shocked — aghast! — at these actions.  But that Brandon is long gone.  And good riddance too, he had horrible acne.

What is happening to me?  I’m in a Cronenberg film.  I’m becoming some sort of monster.  There are times when I will play Duke Nukem 3D or spend hours watching cartoons.  And I’m a big comic book reader but that can be a very adult past time.  Most times though, Duke Nukem only last for a half hour or so.  It’s just a nostalgia trip.  Then I’m back to reading Newsweek or some boring crap.

I tell this to my dad from time to time and he laughs as if he expected it.  Of course he did.  Things change, people get older, personalities morph and shift and only those older than us truly know that. Five years from now, I’ll be excited about other things.  I’d tell you what they are now but I’m sure they’re all super boring and lame.

I am buying Guitar Hero on Sunday though.  Come on, that game looks bad ass.