If this isn’t one of the best game titles around, I don’t know what is (besides Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, natch).

Faith and a .45 tells the story of Luke and Ruby – two outlaw lovers destined to go down in history. The duo battles an oppressive enemy force, led by a ruthless, corrupt oilman who’s out for their blood. Set in an original take on the Great Depression, one of the darkest periods in US history, the game is a gritty, cross-country epic – a road journey with guns, a dark army of steel-plated vehicles and armour-clad pyromaniacs.

The developer, Deadline Games, might not be one of the most well-known companies in the world, but you’ve probably heard about its most recent console titles, Total Overdose and Chili Con Carnage.

Ironically, while Total Overdose was good for what it was, it was its PSP spinoff that really gets me excited about the developer. Chili Con Carnage is one of the most underrated games on the system, a truly funny game that shows they cleverly realized that another “sandbox” game wasn’t the way to go. They instead went around creating one of the more exciting action titles through the use of a great combo system (much like Sega’s The Club is trying to do). The gameplay  is top notch, and one of the few games that really feels like you’re playing though an action movie.

So it’s no surprise that even at this early state I’m excited for what this new game turns out to be. Check out the trailer below, courtesy Gametrailers-

So while this is a very short teaser, expect much more out of this title in the upcoming months. The big draw of the game is that it’s co-op and you can perform special moves together (like the “toss gasoline can and have the other person shoot it” move)… let’s see what they can do with that genre. Also- online multiplayer. Nice.
It’s been announced for next-gen systems, so let’s assume both Xbox and Playstation gamers will get their hands on it. For more info on Deadline Games check out their website here.