So…I got a little sick there, been sleeping a lot, but I’m
gonna keep up on this, you’ll see. I’ve got the time now to catch up on all my
little art projects, so I figure I’ll share a few for fun.

For years I’ve tried to overcome my generally middling talent for painting with
“clever” and “socially conscious” artwork. Being clever is exhausting enough
that it made painting unfun, and when you aren’t the best at something it’s
hard enough to keep interest in it. A few months ago I decided to give up the
whole clever thing and go back to doing things the way I did as a child – I decided
to start painting monsters, just because it’s fun. When I’m done with it I hope
to have a decent collection of monsters, all based on mythology, and hopefully
all at least kind of original looking. I apologize for the glare on the images,
most of those spots are pretty blackish.


Here’s my Penanggalan:


Here’s my Jiang Shi (Chinese Hopping Vampire):


Here’s my Kappa:


And here’s a work-in-progress Mermaid:


Honest feedback is welcome, and I plan on being on here more regularly in the next few weeks.