Watch the following video.

Yes, this


Back? Good. That video is hilarious. To be fair, her life
story has taken a back seat to her recent airheaded comments. However, take
those comments into account with her life story, and it sounds like a Daily
Show skit.


The only reason I hope for John McCain and Sarah Palin to
win is so that we get more comedic gold like this. Between the Charlie Gibson
and Katie Couric interviews she is really proving herself to be more Quayle (get
it?) than pitbull. Just imagine how many laughs we’ll have in the next four
years. Ms. Lipstick Wearing Pitbull (hey, her words, not mine) will more than
fill the vacuum left behind by Bush and his cronies. And she’s just one person!


So please, vote McCain/Palin ’08. If only for the laughs.