Okay, John McCain is now fucking around with my money.

The first presidential debate, scheduled for tomorrow night, is now in limbo since Senator McCain decided that he would finally address the financial crisis.  So while he’s busy rolling up his sleeves and barking out orders in Washington (i.e. taking photos with the president, sending his surrogates to talk about how high-minded he is), there are a lot of people down in Mississippi who are not sure if this debate will go forward or not.

It damn well better.  So help me God, I will break something over McCain shoulders if it doesn’t.  Probably one of those chairs that he’s always rambling on about wanting.

A few weeks back, I cleared my schedule for Friday the 26th.  To me, tomorrow will be something akin to the Super Bowl.  Lots of pre-game analysis, surfing the net and then, finally, the big game.  A real brawler.  A knock-down drag-out between McCain and Obama.  It will be great.

Or it would be.  We just need McCain to stop this nonsense and agree to the debate.  And I need to know that me missing work (about sixty bucks for the night — PLUS TIPS!) won’t be in vain.  If I am sitting at home tomorrow night not watching McCain and Obama debating, I will be mad.  So mad in fact that I may…well, I guess blog about it.

McCain’s newest stunt is the latest gimmick in a campaign full of them.  The man is a gimmick machine.  Sadly, his first one did fairly well (at the outset).  Sarah Palin’s no longer the force of nature some saw her as.  In fact, after watching her interview with Katie Couric, I’m starting to thinking she’s an all out disaster.

I’m assuming people will see through this trick.  The debates were scheduled months ago, before either nominee was chosen.  To drop out two days before for nearly any reason is silly.  Add the fact that he’s sinking the polls and isn’t handling this situation well and his motives are obvous.  This is so translucent that I feel it’ll backfire on him.

I hope it does.  I hope the American people throw this one back in his face.  I hope he goes to the debate tomorrow night and gets worked over by Obama.  I hope all this grandstanding and gesturing robs him of any practice time and he’s a sweaty, bumblng mess.

No one robs Brandon of sixty bucks!