When did the Internet become so literal? Is irony really dead? Anyone that knows me knows I’m all about irony, and I think obvious overstatements and hyperbole is funny. Perhaps my writing is too dry for its own good. Maybe we need to invent a sarcastic font. Maybe I just really suck at this whole ‘comedy’ thing. That’s entirely possible.

I’d never in my life heard of Fark.com until fellow Minnesotan Rob posted this link on my blog’s thread. Really? Death Threats? I guess I should’ve remembered that anything Dark Knight is held sacred by the Internet illuminati, and kept my comedic foibles to myself on the subject of Joker costumes. Honestly, I didn’t think anybody even read this blog, let alone misunderstood the fuck out of it and post it on some message board. The strangest part of the whole thing are the bits where my dumbass blog post leads these people to assume I’m voting for McCain? What the Hell does that have to do with anything, and how did you come to that conclusion (seriously, I’m wondering)? I understand it when my DVD reviews are slated, because opinion is a powerful thing, but I never in a million years expected my least serious words to be this misunderstood (yet somehow validated in a strange way). It’s not like my feelings are hurt, or that I misunderstand the rage factory that is the internet, I’m really just shocked that I was so easily misunderstood.

For the record: I was just fucking around. I don’t give a shit about what people wear for Halloween. Perhaps I should’ve been more specific to the fact that idiots in their late teens and up trick or treating, and ruining it for children is sad. I also have an aversion to people mimicking the latest pop-culture icon ad nauseam, and that just happens to be Ledger’s Joker. Still, I was just fucking around. I like kids, I’d never deprive give a child candy based on his costume (I figured my diction was over-the-top enough at this point in the original post to make it perfectly clear that I was being facetious). I like giving kids (kid’s being the operative word here) candy at Halloween time (and it just so happens I’ll actually be around for it this year). I also happen to have enjoyed The Dark Knight, if that makes any difference. If I ever get a review copy I’d probably give it an 8/10. Ok? Friends?

I’d hate to think that fucking around would have a permanent effect on my Internet personality. Then I remember that people still haven’t forgiven Devin Faraci for not loving Batman Begins. Shit. Oh well, I guess this is how it starts. Soon I’ll be turning from a generally positive attempted scamp to a bitter curmudgeon who begins to seek out Internet animosity because the unshakable negativity has become too much to take. In the defense of those Fark people, I actually look a lot like that guy on the cover of Internet Tough Guy Magazine, like, enough that I had to double check it. And I would totally love to see a Brokeback Joker, a Nurse Joker, or a Zombie Heath Ledger this Halloween.

Next time lets just call me out for my shitty spelling, or improper use of ‘then’ instead of ‘than’, I can’t say dick about that. That’s just stupid of me. And apparently ‘my’ site is ugly.