Hey laaaaaaaaaaadies!  Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadies! 

After an amazing, masterpiece speech last night by Barack Obama, John McCain tried his hardest to upstage by introducing his running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.  She’s a woman!  And young!  Woman!  So vote for her woman!  Let the battle begin!

I’ll say one thing: this will be a historic election.  A black man may be elected President, or a woman may be elected Vice President.  That’s pretty unheard of and it does make me proud.  Good time to be an American.

But where Obama’s choice for VP was inspired and put America first, McCain’s was shallow and obvious.  Why did he pick Palin?  Simple, it was an attempt to steal away women voters.  She may be conservative, she may have governed a state (for hardly two years) but when you get right down to it, McCain was trying to make a splash by choosing a woman.  Maybe he can get people excited about him again.  Palin is like Clinton, only unqualified!

But will women fall for it?  No.  Women will understand what McCain is trying to do.  Does he just not understand the fairer sex?  They won’t vote for any woman, just one who deserves it.  Say what you want about Hillary Clinton (and I’ve said several things myself — forgiveness please) but she was damn qualified to be President.  Sarah Palin has none of those qualifications.  But her nickname was Sarah Barracuda in high school!  I’m sure Putin will just melt when looking into her eyes.

And she’s a creationist.  Just throwing that out there.

Let me throw something else out there: McCain is an older man.  Barack Obama can’t say this but I sure as hell can.  He’s older and isn’t in the best of health.  His mom is still alive so that shows he has good genes but there is a possibility that he may…well…check out early.  If that’s the case, then we are stuck with Sarah Palin as the President.  And while I would be proud to have a woman President, I would be worried to have this female President.

We’ll see how she does.  I get the feeling that the gloss will fade from her pretty quickly.  And she has to debate Joe Biden, not something to be envious of.  She has very little experience when it comes to foreign policy or…well, anything besides hunting.  Joe Biden can flatten her out.  We’ll see if he does.

I would have loved to have written more about Obama’s speech today.  It was so fantastic and inspiring.  And in fifty years, it’ll be his speech in the history books and not McCain’s choice.  It’s just such an obvious, silly choice.  Palin’s just not ready to be President and, therefore, not ready to be Vice President.

She does like mooseburger though.  I guess that’s something.