Well, that wasn’t so hard.  I just watched the Democratic National Convention as they elected Barack Obama as their nominee for president.  After months of fighting and bashing, everyone has come together to chose this one-term senator from Illinois.  Even Hillary Clinton got in on the action, casting the last votes for Mr. Obama.  Take that, PUMA’s!  I couldn’t be happier.

Party unity is important and we finally have it.  Those people calling themselves PUMA’s (Party Unity My Ass) aren’t Democrats, they’re selfish wastes.  Clinton herself has told them to throw their support behind Obama but they’ve resisted.  Go to the website www.hillaryis44.com to see the inane, disgruntled work of a PUMA and tell me you really want their votes.  They’re psychos.  They should be examined.  Intensely.

I know a few Republicans.  I always joke that I know the smart ones.  A few of them are voting for Obama, not because they’re crazy about him but because they feel McCain is too similar to Bush.  It makes me happy to see these people looking beyond their party lines (something I can’t do) but it also makes me worried that they don’t see a reason to vote for Obama, just a reason not to vote for McCain.  There are about a million reasons!

This isn’t like every other election.  Look at Kerry v. Bush: one was a horrible, god-awful failure and the other was a lackluster, accomplished and long-chinned candidate.  One was mediocre and other was atrocious so the choice was obvious: the lessor of two evils.  But this choice isn’t like that.  Obama is head-and-shoulders better than McCain.  He is light years beyond McCain on virtually everything.  And this is such an imporant election.  A lot is hanging on these next four years.  The war, the Supreme Court, the economy, the environment.  We don’t have the luxury of not voting or caring.  I say either vote or move away. 

Sometimes I get worried.  In my gut, I feel that Obama has the advantage but I felt the same way about Kerry.  At the same time, I can’t imagine how anyone can’t feel the need for change.  You can almost taste it in the air these days (it taste like Lemon-Lime to me).  I don’t know what this country will do if McCain is elected.  I know what I’ll do: cry for about fourteen days straight.  However, in the end, I’ll be okay.

Not so sure about this country.