I’m sorry to say, oh my loyal readers (all two of you), that I am a liar. In my half-assed little blogger bio I stated:

“He’s (Gabe) written for DVDActive.com for almost four years now, and racked up over 300 reviews, but still hasn’t managed anything worthy of linking in wikipedia.com.”

It turns out that this off hand statement was false. Not only have I been linked on wikipedia.com, but now I find I’ve been quoted as a critical source.

I’d love to say that I’m quoted for my earth shattering ideas in the fields of math or science, or my in depth knowledge of some long forgotten historical event, heck, I’d even settle for an intelligent critical analysis of a classic motion picture, but unfortunately my expertise is delegated to the realms of children’s entertainment. My quote comes on the Avatar the Last Airbender Season Two general information page, mostly because I gushed all over the show in my review of it. I really do love the show, so I’m happy to be associated with it in some small way, but the quotes are pretty lame.

Still, being referenced on the wikipedia is really only a step away from being referenced in Encyclopedia Britannica, which I think qualifies me for an honorary doctorate. So from now on feel free to refer to me as Dr. Powers, or even Professor Powers. If you feel like it I’d also settle for Grand Master Duke Powers.

As an aside, my last name is either a curse or a blessing. Some day the kids in the neighborhood will refer to me as Old Man Powers, which is ironically exactly what I’ll use on them if they don’t get off my lawn (old man powers=the garden hose).

And P.S.: I wasn’t looking for myself on the wiki, and I don’t spend a lot of time on the Avatar pages, I was looking into the proper spelling of character names for a season three disc review I’m working on. Please judge me gently