So I just now figured out that you can watch TV episodes online. Duh. I’m sure all of you have been doing this for months or years now, and I discovered it last week. Lame.

The thing is that I don’t have cable. My best friend/roomie Emily and I decided when we moved in here that we wouldn’t get cable because we know ourselves way too well and knew that we would be glued to the television set at all hours watching mind numbing TV instead of persuing more intellectual past times. We were so right. Ever since this discovery I have done nothing but lay in my bed in my pajamas and watch mind numbing TV.

My first jump into internet TV was Doogie Howser MD. Man, that show holds up. It’s just a great premise for a show! My favorite episode so far is the one where Doogie has to take out Wanda’s appendix, but has to give her a pelvic exam first! Shock! Righteous.

After an embarrassing viewing of America’s Next Top Model, I moved onto the British show Life On Mars, starring John Simm, one of my faves. I’ve only watched the first episode, but it’s pretty great so far.

I can already tell I need to stop. When I saw I could watch The Wonder Years AND Out of the World, I got a little misty eyed. This is the worst and best discovery ever.