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The motion picture studios send us vermillions of DVD releases for the purpose of review. More titles than you can shake a stick at, unless you have a lot of time and a particularly sturdy stick. Unlike most sites [and weirdly a source of nitpicking from some detractors who we’ve discovered are dumb and lonely asexual prick assholes], we review everything we’re sent. Even the gay vampire program Lair (from the makers of Dante’s Cove). We have a wide array of reviewers, all with functioning nervous systems and all ready to entertain YOU with their puns and prose. You. Are. Welcome.


BUY IT AT AMAZON: CLICK HERE!STUDIO: Sony/Columbia Tri-StarMSRP: 29.99 RATED: PG-13RUNNING TIME: 122 MinutesSPECIAL FEATURES:• Video introductions by Guillermo Del Toro & Selma Blair• Del Toro/Mike Mignola commentary• Cast commentary• Mike Mignola DVD Comics• Right Hand of Doom Set Visits• Storyboard track• “From The Den” – Hellboy Recommends…• The Seeds of Creation 2 ½ Hour … Continue reading


Challenge of the Superfriends, Volume 1 (Order it from Amazon!) This show was a vital part of my youth, many CHUD.com readers youth’s, and probably the existence of recording industry sensation Musical Youth, a band that most likely enjoyed the adventures of Hawkman while wisely passing the Dutchie on the left hand side exclusively. The … Continue reading


BUY IT AT AMAZON: CLICK HERESTUDIO: Warner Bros.MSRP:$59.98 RATED: NRRUNNING TIME: 638 minutesSPECIAL FEATURES:• Extended Pilot, Plus 12 one-hour episodes from the 2003 season• "Giving Melodrama a Facelift" – Behind the scenes documentary• "Realistic Expectations: The Practice of Plastic Surgery"• "Are Those Real or Fake?" – the make-up effects of "Nip/Tuck"• Severed Parts – Gag … Continue reading


BUY IT AT AMAZON: CLICK HERE!STUDIO: UniversalMSRP: $26.98 RATED: NRRUNNING TIME: 93 MinutesSPECIAL FEATURES:• Commentary track• Unrated deleted scenes• Nude beach exposed featurette The “teen comedy” genre was personified in the 80s by John Cusack and Anthony Michael Hall, while the 90s took a regrettable tumble into Freddy Prinze Jr. and Matt Lillard territory. American … Continue reading


ER, Season Two (Order it from Amazon!) This will be remembered as the year of Eldard. That’s right, Ron Eldard. This is the season where he and Nurse Hathaway started playing "hide the sand and fog" on E.R. Of course, Ron’s not the big thing about the second season of the long-running Crichton/Spielberg/Wells drama powerhouse. … Continue reading


BUY IT AT AMAZON: CLICK HERE STUDIO: Warner Bros.MSRP:$26.98 RATED: RRUNNING TIME: 102 minutesSPECIAL FEATURES:• Commentary track• "Blood and Steel" documentary • "Bruce Lee: In His Own Words" documentary • "Bruce Lee: A Warrior’s Journey" documentary • "Bruce Lee: The Curse of the Dragon" documentary • Original 1973 making-of featurette • Interview gallery • home … Continue reading


BUY IT AT AMAZON: CLICK HERE!STUDIO: Warner Bros.MSRP: $27.98 RATED: PG-13RUNNING TIME: 84 MinutesSPECIAL FEATURES:• Audio Commentaries• Documentaries• Music Video• Animatics• Deleted Scenes Perhaps the most legendary arbiter of torment and torture during the Spanish Inquisition was known as Torquemada (Torque to his pals). Torment. Torture. Torque. Could it all come together in one violent … Continue reading