Spike Marshall

We Can't Go On Like This

The problem with living under a right wing government is that it’s like being governed by your dad. Your ageing, past his prime, dad. Who scoffs at the noise young people listen to, grumbles at even the hint of expense, and watches NCIS religiously.* I was born in the midst of Margaret Thatcher’s stint as … Continue reading

The LOST Art of Wheel Spinning

On average I watch about five hours worth of TV a week, distributed across a select few shows. This isn’t a value judgement on my part (one of the of the reasons I limit my exposure to TV so much is that I used to find myself losing entire nights where I’d watch trashy TV)it’s … Continue reading

Anatomy of an Impact: Sha Po Lang

This could turn into an infrequent series of articles or it might get Vera Draked depending on my mood. Anyways the intent of this is to talk about cinematic collaborations.   The point of these articles will be to look at films that had an impact. I’m going to try and eschew the usual suspects … Continue reading

The Terror of Logic

This blog is probably going to venture into some vague spoilers for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and some strong spoilers for the original version of The Vanishing. If you haven’t seen the Vanishing and don’t know the details of its main twist I’d suggest not reading further, hell I’d suggest not reading further … Continue reading

Salieri is my Soulmate

I am a thoroughly mediocre man, and I’ve made peace with this. In fact I honestly believe that making a monument to mundanity, recognising your meagreness and faults and moving on with your life, is part of growing up. It, hopefully, signals the transition from arrogant, self centred, child to a functioning part of a … Continue reading

We’re talking about the front, man.

Warning, at just over 1400 words this might venture into TL;DR territory. My life is a consistent set of diversions, things to do to take my mind off the futility and mundanity of my existence. Free thought leads to thoughts of inadequacies and dreams now squashed and really it’s far better to just career from … Continue reading