Spike Marshall


It’s Christmas, lets be glad. I love Christmas, love it more than a man in his mid-twenties with no real loved ones should. Cookies being baked, co-workers forced to disguise their innate unhappiness, Dean Martin and Perry Como on the radio, and gaudy lights in every window, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. … Continue reading

Spike's Musical Moments of 2010

I love music, love it so much I spend any spare money picking up albums from Amazon* or buying concert tickets. I love music so much that despite my complete and utter disdain for people in general, my complete unwillingness to dance and a low tolerance for the aroma of sweat, stale beer and urine … Continue reading

The snow that ate Britain.

If I were to believe the media winter is currently putting it’s frosted, clawed, fingers into the very heart of Britain. I’ve included a few shots from the canal that runs adjacdent to where I work, just to exemplify how truly treacherous and deadly this kill storm has been.  The Reality Britain is a country dominated by … Continue reading