Nick Nunziata

Nick Nunziata created this place and enjoys having people complain about the ads. In addition to his intermittent contributions here, he is the producer of a few upcoming films and often wonders why he bothers.


Hell yes. If anyone needed to be told that Billy Crystal was about four years past his Oscar hosting prime, then I’d like to sell them my comic collection for Overstreet value times two. The Academy Awards have recently been hampered by one overriding force of evil… bad telecasts. Aside from Steve Martin’s smart and … Continue reading


Festival Fury: The 2004 Toronto International Film Festival Sometimes, technology blows. HDTV, smart phones and talking toasters are well and good, but when something fails for no appreciable reason, angry hijinks ensue. About a month ago, I spent nine days in Canada, guzzling films in the cinematic marathon that is the Toronto International Film Festival. … Continue reading


I spent quite a few years in Boston, and in the mid ‘90s Brad Anderson kept cropping up as the name to watch, largely because of films like Next Stop Wonderland. But that sort of romantic escapism, grim as it sometimes was, didn’t do much to prepare anyone for Session 9, Anderson’s flawed but intriguing … Continue reading


All these years after exiting Psycho earlier than most folks expected (if that’s a spoiler to you, you might need to unplug your cable box for a couple of years and watch some movies that don’t feature the Mandylor troupe), Janet Leigh has succumbed to that dreaded thing known as mortality. The mom of Jamie … Continue reading


It’s seems more and more like the right answer to the question "What is the best Tim Burton movie?" is Ed Wood. I’m not sure myself, as it’s been ages since I saw the film in theaters and have grown rather partial to Big Fish. Regardless, Burton’s love note to the deceased angora fashion statement … Continue reading


John Travolta is probably the actor who first influenced me as a mop-headed pup in the Greenwood Lake area of New York. Grease was huge. So was Saturday Night Fever. So were so many that followed, and I hung around even during the lean years until the man had his big comeback. That said, a … Continue reading


BUY IT AT AMAZON: CLICK HERE! STUDIO: Warner Bros. MSRP: $26.98 RATED: R RUNNING TIME: 88 Minutes SPECIAL FEATURES: • Commentary • Theater of Noise • Documentaries • Original student film • Trailers Before he brought us pop music infused coming of age tales and intergalactic heroics, George Lucas delivered THX 1138, a cold look … Continue reading