Brian Owen

Un Certain Bavard: My Soapbox

Guess what, ladies and gents? I’m hopping on a soapbox, and if you’re reading this right now it means you’re coming along with me. When a straw breaks the camel’s back on the internet, how does one respond? With a strongly worded blog, of course. What camel’s back has been broken for me today? And … Continue reading

Un Certain Bavard: Hey, it's an election!

A year or so ago I announced a moratorium on discussing politics. At the time I had spoiled some good relationships in my life by engaging in what one could call “spirited debate” with friends and family. These debates ended in frustration and personal rifts. I decided that as much as I loved discussion I … Continue reading

Un Certain Bavard: I salute you, Jackass 3D

I’m not a patriotic person. I never really have been. I’ve never really understood it. My friends and family know this. They’ve all heard it from me repeatedly – not that I necessarily force my non-patriotism upon them, but they usually ask why the 4th of July is leaving me so nonplussed. Living in France … Continue reading