Al Schwartz


Starting at the top, Chad and Multiethnic Barbie’s sexy time is way more boring than sexy time with Dichen Lachman has any right to be.  He also gets some loving from Grace on the beach, which would be sort of interesting if Chad’s privates didn’t immediately negate my interest in anything they touch.  Sorry Grace, … Continue reading


Last Resort is still finding its sea legs, so to speak, which means that at the moment my reactions are totally unbalanced.  The stuff that works is great.  The stuff that doesn’t is rather terrible. Let’s start with the awful. Kylie Sinclair is not the most compelling character ever, but she is becoming more sympathetic … Continue reading


Schwartzblog archives Boardwalk Empire is a series that seems destined to always be a bridesmaid.  It is well written, impeccably acted and impressively appointed, but it doesn’t seem to be anyone’s favorite show, and seems resolutely unable to really grab the zeitgeist the way other shows, like say, Breaking Bad have. I would be surprised … Continue reading