Jamie Gaar

Revisiting: Sideways

To be brief, I have not blogged in a long time because I am getting married. I will probably not blog for another three weeks. You understand.In any case, a night of drinking and needing something to not really pay attention to, we decided on Sideways, a curious film by Alexander Payne. My favorite of … Continue reading

Man on Wire: There is No 'Why'

I’ll begin by alleviating any curiosity that Man on Wire is somehow a play on Man on Fire. It is not. The phrase “man on wire” is what’s used in the police report under “Details” for Philippe Petit’s trespassing and disturbing the peace charges. The buzz of the world that day, no more details needed … Continue reading

Review: The Wackness, plus a taboo

I tend to not pay attention to Sundance as it happens. It hurts too much, knowing I can’t be there. I’ve never been, but I would love to.So, the only film I’d really heard about coming out of Park City was The Wackness and some movie about a Cuban playing baseball, or something like that. … Continue reading

The Dark Knight: 'nuff said

What with the near unanimous acclaim, what else can be really said about this film? I know that I need to see it at least two more times – once to take in all the details one more time, the other to bask in its 70mm IMAX glory. Which brings me to my first point…Devin’s … Continue reading

The Happening: Gone with the Wind

This isn’t so much a review of M. Night Shyamalan’s most recent effort — ‘effort’ is either sarcastic or ironic, take your pick — as it is a eulogy to the man himself. The Happening is the nail in a coffin with many, many nails trying to seal it shut. In a way, I must … Continue reading

Review: Wall-E

All I’d really heard about this film before I saw it was that the beginning was nearly silent, no dialogue. People love to point this out (such as with There Will Be Blood or 2001: A Space Odyssey, to which this movie pays considerable homage), which is funny given the origins of animation, and film … Continue reading

Across the Junoverse

I was just checking out Harry’s list of DVDs on AICN, and on the cover of Charlie Bartlett , it says, “Like ‘Juno’ — It’s a movie with big laughs and a lot of heart. A clever crazy comedy!” OK, so nobody’s heard of that movie, yeah I can see drawing a comparison to Juno … Continue reading

I'm going to make you watch this goddamned movie.

So, I’m in this theater company, and after rehearsals someone inevitably asks: “What movie are we going to watch?” This question becomes a taxing debate and leads to an interminable weighing of options. Seriously, we once spent 15 minutes deciding whether to watch House of Wax (with the Hottie) or Gregg Araki’s Smiley Face (most of … Continue reading