Eric Cordo


To a generation of film geeks Kevin Smith is either your beloved messiah who can do no wrong, or he’s a one hit wonder still living off of the good will garnered by a lightning-in-the-bottle indie classic. To a generation of comic geeks, he’s one helluva superhero writer when he’s delivering scripts in a timely … Continue reading


 To start of this review I’m going to be perfectly honest with you; I’ve been waiting for this original graphic novel for about three years. The combination of Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets) and Lee Bermejo (Lex Luthor: Man of Steel) taking on a character such as the Joker had my interests piqued immediately, and I … Continue reading

Comics Need To Be A Collective

As I look over the insurmountable stacks of monthly titles that have compiled throughout my small one bedroom apartment, I’m no longer seeing interesting stories to be read, but a horrible mistake that I can’t stop making. First off, I work at a comic shop, and in some way my job requires me to read … Continue reading

What Is Wrong With College Kids?

Well, hello everyone. Perhaps since this is my first CHUD blog I should give you a bit of a preamble to explain where my opinions are stemmed from, but that’s what my truncated biography is for! So, now that we have the formalities out of the way, let’s get to the bloggin’. Alright, so I’m … Continue reading