Devin Faraci


Batman Begins, the rebooting of the Batman franchise that is the centerpiece of Warner Bros’ 2005 slate, is already spawning a sequel. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone who hasn’t spent the last few decades in Papua New Guinea, praying to avoid kuru, the laughing disease. I mean, everybody who is involved … Continue reading


If ever America was ready for a film about a smelly hippie girl sitting in a tree for two years, this is it. And so it has passed that Baldwin Entertainment Group, the people who are bringing us the very good biopic Ray, has optioned the story of Julia Butterfly Hill. That name may be … Continue reading


This weekend I was reading the intro to Brian Michael Bendis’ graphic novel Jinx, from back before he was writing every other comic published by Marvel and completely diluting his talent. In the intro or one of the other “supplemental features” in this monstrously big book, Bendis mentions that he made his heroine a bounty … Continue reading


It’s a big day for Werner Herzog. It’s been announced that he’s reteaming with Zak Penn for that guy’s second feature, another mockumentary (read about it here) – now it’s been announced that he’s working on a new documentary of his own. The film will be about Timothy Treadwell, an environmentalist who, along with his … Continue reading