TAKE A SHOWER YOU HIPPIEIf ever America was ready for a film about a smelly hippie girl sitting in a tree for two years, this is it. And so it has passed that Baldwin Entertainment Group, the people who are bringing us the very good biopic Ray, has optioned the story of Julia Butterfly Hill.

That name may be familiar because she sat in a tree (as mentioned above, for two years) to protect it from getting cut down. To be fair to the crazy Phish Phan, it was a redwood tree, which is certainly more worthy of saving than that piece of shit crabapple tree that’s a stain on your back yard. She finally came down from the tree, which she named Luna because of the obvious moon and tree connection, after her tree was saved, as well as getting a guarantee to have a buffer zone of protection around Luna. Then as soon as she left the developers laughed, pissed on the agreement and built four Wal-Marts side by side.

The movie will be based on Hill’s book, The Legacy of Luna, so named because it was printed on pages that were made from the pulp of the redwood. Howard Baldwin, head of the Baldwin Entertainment Group and of indeterminate relation to the Baldwin acting troupe (hey, did you notice that Stephen Baldwin, the biggest loser in the family, went against Alec’s liberal politics and spoke at the GOP Convention? I guess that playing Barney Rubble makes many changes in a man), says that he wants the production to be eco-friendly, so they’re going to be not actually shooting the movie and just recycling old prints of Silent Running, just with a new title attached.

"We want
to show than an ecology-minded production is doable. We hope it
will start a trend in the film industry by encouraging others
to follow suit,"
Baldwin said.