Adam Membrey

A Chance to Dance #2: Elizabethtown

After Andre’s slight takedown of Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous”, I realized I would have to push up my blog on his most recent film. I vividly remember when Crowe took “Elizabethtown” – an extended cut of it – to the Toronto Film Festival and, due to the heavily-mixed reactions, he promptly left town. What we … Continue reading

LOST in the Budget

Last night’s season finale of LOST had many good moments. In fact, there were some I’m sure will go down as some of the best in the series’ history. But it should have been better. And there are definitely two moments where LOST blew its load by deciding to blatantly show its budget. Both of … Continue reading

A Chance To Dance #1: The Break-Up

Everyone’s got their catchy little columns…this is mine. A Chance to Dance is a little series I’m going to try and roll out in which each column will take a look at a movie that I feel has maybe been misperceived, forgotten, underrated, etc. If it doesn’t make you want to see the movie again, … Continue reading

I'm Not There for the Answers

Watching Todd Hayne’s “I’m Not There” brought a strange kind of joy to my soul when I saw it three days ago. For the first time, I really understood what my Uncle John was telling me about whenever he talked about Bob Dylan. Even when we walked out of “Walk Hard” back over Christmas (a … Continue reading

Production of an Introduction

What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen? Some of you might mention a specific bit of icky gore from a b-level horror film that you saw last month; others might recall a moment of pouring salt on a snail and watching it curl up and die. But me? I vividly remember this most disgusting … Continue reading