Adam Campbell

Went The Day Well (1942)

I’m continuing today, albeit after quite a delay, my series of articles on war-time British war films that started with my article on In Which We Serve. This article will look at another film I’m equally as fond of, Went The Day Well. Although visually it is not as interesting and certainly it is not … Continue reading

Welcome To Hotel Berlin

One thing I missed while living in Japan was being able to switch the TV on late at night and catch some random old picture I otherwise wouldn’t have watched. Switching on the TV late at night in Japan, you were likely to only get television shows trying to teach you Italian. If it was … Continue reading

The Thin Man Can Never Go Home Again

Ever since I saw The Big Sleep as a child, I’ve been a fan of Raymond Chandler. Knowing my affection for the film, one of the first presents my future sister-in-law gave me was a copy of Chandler’s collected works. A little later, on the strength of The Maltese Falcon, I tried Dashiell Hammett too, … Continue reading

Hellboy And The Unexpected Location

I suppose if you’ve grown up in Los Angeles or New York, you’re quite used to seeing your neck of the woods depicted in film and television. This probably extends to the people of any major American city, Chicago, Seattle and so on. Perhaps you’ve even laughed at shoddy stand ins, like a street in … Continue reading

The Dark Knight, and his friends

It often seems like with these big films you know the whole thing before it comes out. I’ve mentioned the pros and cons of this a couple of times before. It certainly seemed to be the case with The Dark Knight, probably the most hyped film of this year, but actually I was surprised by … Continue reading

L: Change The World

A word of warning at the start. These impressions of L: Change The World contain some spoilers regarding the plot of the second Death Note film, The Last Name. I don’t normally give a hoot about spoilers and especially not when it concerns goofy stuff like this, but I think the second film is yet … Continue reading