Three chicks on a beam.If the 1953 film How to Marry a Millionaire is to be believed, all a golddigger (watch out!) has to do is have the luck of being nearsighted or presumptive. How not to marry a millionaire is a little more complicated when you have to do things like enter as a contestant on a reality show or, as my lady friend discovered, marry me. But since that ship has sailed, let’s default to the film that helped light Marilyn Monroe’s star.

Since it’s 2007, half a century since How to Marry first hit theaters (or since the 1957 spinoff show cruised the airways), it’s time to teach modern audiences the power of love by way of pretense and dumb luck. Nicole Kidman, via her very own Blossom Films and mother studio 20th Century Fox, has set out to produce a remake of How to Marry a Millionaire with the potential for Kidman to star. The screenplay will be written by The Terminal‘s Sacha Gervais.

While the plot is being withheld, it’s said to be a complete overhaul of the original story wherein 3 dames rent a New York high rise to attract rich dudes they can marry. They meet all the wrong guys of course — but in the end after a whole lot of situational comedy and confusion, it’s the guys who treat them with class that end up being millionaires. Cue fainting ladies, cue grinning millionaires and, off-screen, cue divorce in 6 months when all parties realize if it’s mo’ money, it’s mo’ problems.