Special thanks to Keith F from The B-Action Thread for bringing this to my attention.

The Robocop remake has been the source of many shrugs and “Why are they doing this?” type of responses. With the ever growing cast of recognizable character actors, the film at least has that going for it. Now the first viral marketing for the remake, in the way of an OMNICORP website is giving us a hint of where they’re going with the film, including our first look at the redesigned ED-209, which actually looks pretty cool.

It’s also cool that this viral website popped up now, as over the past few days I coincidentally was revisiting the trilogy of films that I love (yes, I’ve got mucho love for 2 and 3 as well.)

Here’s the website.


Watch the video that starts up as soon as you go into the website, and ponder if Robocop (who gets a bit of a tease towards the end of the video) will battle a flying drone this time around, among other things. I mean, OCP practically is the military.

source: geekrest