Man is going to probably be my favorite superhero movie ever. I’ve always had a weakness for the character, whether he be in the gray armor, the 80’s armor, the War Machine armor (silver with black interior), or in his gear from that issue where the Tall Man shrunk him down and Tony Stark traveled around in Old B.O.B.’s battered redneck chassis. Additionally, Robert Downey, Jr. is the best thing since Bermuda Grass and Terence Howard ain’t far behind.

Did I mention Jon Favreau? He’s better than a warm Jimmy Dean sausage on a cold morning and them’s fighting words to men in bright orange hunting gear. Those guys like only a few things: shooting deer in the face, Kenny Chesney, fat wives, and surprisingly… a nice cup of Constant Comment tea. Things they don’t like include equality.

Wow. Tangent.

Favreau’s a really good director and his head seems screwed on correctly in a way that defies over a decade in Hollywood. His take on Tony Stark and his repulsorlift armor is sure to astound and a wealthy drunk in a tin can is a nice change of pace from science experiments gone awry and other superhero origins like when science experiments go bad and when something awful happens during a science experiment.

The first image of Downey as the NathanFillionaire [that is RICH] has surfaced on the most fanboy of sources, USA Today, and it looks really nice though I didn’t expect to see the actor so wiry and ripped. I always envision Tony Stark as Freddy Mercury: the 1976 model, complete with unironic cop mustache and his own personal Secret War. Amazing tank top though. It’s as if lit by some hidden energy nodule within Robert Downey, Jr.

To see the picture larger, click HERE and enjoy it. It’s just a little tease but I really do have a massive boner for this film. Iron Man is so old school and great and Favreau’s so grounded [see Zathura for evidence], it just can’t be anything less than a really solid effort.

Maybe another esteemed movie site like Glamour can showcase another picture and put all us wannabes to shame.