VaderLast year Robot Chicken threw out a spoof on Star Wars which had Palpatine receiving the news of a blowed up Death Star and, in his uncorked executive-level fury, called Darth Vader a little bitch for crying over "Panda Bear or whatever her name was". The world laughed.

Yahoo reports (from what certainly feels like a press release- and far be it from me to deny such power) that George Lucas did too. In an effort to request permission to post it on, RC creators Seth Greene and Matthew Senreich were approached, whereupon pitches were thrown, handshakes were shooked and specials were scheduled.

Thanks to that fateful day, the 2 minute sketch has given birth to a 30 minute special, replete with Lucas’ blessing, a big fat cast of voice talent (including Lucas himself playing himself, Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell, Conan O’Brien, Hulk Hogan and Joey Fatone), and a big fat bank of official Lucasfilm sound effects to pull from.

The more popular You Tubed Robot Chicken has been some funny, funny stuff. What’s not to like when Superman melts the head off of a sissy Aquaman when no one is looking? Nothing, that’s what.

The full length special is set to debut on Adult Swim June 17 at 10 pm Eastern. If you haven’t seen the sketch, or want to see if it’s still funny, check it out here.

Thanks to Adam B. for the heads up.