No more WWII shooters! Such is the cry of a vocal percentage of gamers, myself included. Please, let Hitler get some rest. Start picking on The Great War, instead. Bind mustard gas to G. Or, go the route of the Battlefield games and come visit the modern era. That’s the plan for the next Call of Duty game, which, after three major installments, is coming to the here and now. A press release from Activision says that the game will be called Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and also would like you to tune in to ESPN this Saturday, the 28th, during the NFL draft at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT for the "worldwide reveal." There will probably be guns.

Apparently, that lovable country of South Korea will be receiving the first, exclusive details of StarCraft 2 on May 19th. The news is set to be revealed at Blizzard’s World Wide Invitational competitive gaming event in Seoul. This can be considered a rumor for the time being, since most of the info is coming from ex-employees of Blizzard, but it’s a pretty solid one. Evil Avatar’s got the story which, coming from a StarCraft league mindset, is a touch on the esoteric side for those of us who haven’t yet devoted our lives to the pursuit of StarCraft glory.

Continuing the sequel assault, the PSP iteration of God of War has received a title: Chains of Olympus. You probably collect cards and battle alongside lovable cartoons, or something. You can check out a little demo footage here. A UMD demo will be released soon in order to further whet the appetites of handheld gamers. If any of you readers manage to snag a copy of the demo, you want to write us with your impressions? We’ll gladly take your words and sell them as our own.

Console exclusivity seems to be heading the way of the buggalo. First, several PS3 exclusives slipped their bonds, their sights on the 360; now a pair of titles that, as far as th epublic knows, were supposed to be 360 exclusives are confirmed for simultaneous release on the PS3. The two games are Kane & Lynch and Crossfire, so no big properties, such as Devil May Cry. Cross-platform releases have long been a marketing tactic, so this whole story is mostly sensationliasm on my part. In other news, Sony will shortly be launching their orbital game-development platform.

A couple of bits of Marvel news for you: GameSpot has a teriffic Q&A with Sega VP Scott Steinburg regarding the development house’s acquisition of Thor, Hulk, and Captain America game licenses. The article obviates the little write-up I was going to do. Thanks, GameSpot. I need to start posting Right Fuckin’ Now articles. Also in Marvel news, the downloadable content for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on the 360 is now available on the Marketplace, for reals this time. Two character packs, for 500 MS points each, or both packs together for 800. I just miss Nightcrawler so, so much.

For a little bit of fun, courtesy Destructoid, the ScrewAttack feature counts down its top ten big gaming franchises that fell off the face of the Earth. Oh yeah. Nostalgia, baby.