In the world of The Golden Compass, people’s souls live outside of their bodies in the form of daemons. As a child your daemon changes shape constantly from one animal to another, but as you get older it eventually finds the animal that best represents who you are on the inside and sticks with it. It turns out that on the inside I’m an ocelot.

At least that’s the results of a 20 question quiz on The Golden Compass  movie site, which allows you to find out what your
daemon would be. Usually I hate these ‘answer some questions and we’ll
assign you a character/color/movie/mental disease’ things that litter
so many MySpace pages, but this daemon chooser is well executed, and I
love that it gives the daemons names like Antigone. In fact, I’m pretty
proud of my daemon!

To find out what your daemon is, click here and visit the website for The Golden Compass adaptation, due out December 7.