One thing that’s been noticeably absent from Nolan’s Batfilms is the inclusion of a good and proper Batcave. Begins certainly had the makings of one, but that was sort of abandoned when Wayne Manor burned to the ground. By the time we got to The Dark Knight, Batman was operating out of a bunker in the middle of Gotham City. But finally, we’re going to get an honest Batcave in The Dark Knight Rises. And as production designer Nathan Crowley confirms in these newly released production notes, it’ll be completely underwater. Wait, what?

“Chris and I pondered how to mix the Batcave and the Bat-Bunker, which is incredibly geometric and modern and everything is cleanly recessed into the walls.  It occurred to us that we could carry over the same idea by flooding the Batcave so everything is hidden underwater.  When you enter, it’s just a cave, but you press a button and up come these perfect cubes that hold different objects, from the Batsuit to a super computer.”

That could be a pretty cool visual, actually. A fully-realized Nolan Batcave was never going to look like the source material (which is batshit weird in its own right), but the idea of finally seeing a completed version beneath Wayne Manor is now just one more thing to look forward to.

Two more weeks…