Everybody else on the internet is producing or writing movies, but I’m stuck on a different path: I’m appearing in one. It’s a documentary by the name of Heckler, and here’s the official synopsis from the Tribeca Film Festival:

Comedian Jamie Kennedy confronts hecklers and heckled alike in this wry, spirited documentary. With appearances from limelight veterans like Rob Zombie, Mike Ditka, George Lucas and Bill Maher, Heckler illuminates the often contentious relationship between those in the spotlight and the critics in the crowd.

Heckler is premiering tomorrow night at the Tribeca Film Festival, and as far as I know, tickets are still available. I’m going to be there, and there will probably be some other cool people on hand. I’ve seen some of the movie, and what I saw was pretty interesting and funny (although I don’t know that I fully agree with the way the film essentially equates hecklers and critics). I don’t know exactly what they have me doing in the movie, if only because they filmed way more stuff than they could ever use – unless there’s a solid thirty minutes of the film that features me swearing my head off, since swearing my head off for thirty minutes is what I did. But director Michael Addis insists that I am very funny, so I’ll take his word for it. More troubling than my performance in the movie is the fact that I filmed my bit way back in December, when I had very long hair and a great big bushy beard, so I’m going to be looking at a twenty foot tall image of my big fat furry head. That’s going to be pretty fucking traumatizing.

Click here to get more info. The premiere screening is limited to tickets purchased at the door (and I do believe you can still buy some), but there are more screenings over the next couple of days. If you do go to the movie, please be sure to shout ‘You fat cunt!’ at me when I appear on screen. Well, at the me on screen, not the me in the audience.

Thu, Apr 26, 10:30pm Clearview Chelsea West Theater 2
Fri, Apr 27, 4:00pm AMC 34th Street Theater 13
Sat, Apr 28, MidnightAMC 34th Street Theater 9
Mon, Apr 30, 11:00pm AMC Village VII Theater 2
Fri, May 4, Midnight AMC Kips Bay Theater 12