CHUD superstar Dave Davis is hitting the big time – no, those indictments didn’t come down, but rather he’s got a script that’s on its way to becoming a movie. The movie is Condition Dead, and it’s described as ‘a no-holds barred zombie film in the vein of James Cameron’s Aliens.’

The script got the attention of HQ Pictures, Tyrese’s production company, and things seem to be moving fast – director Patrick Lussier (Dracula 2000 – I have to go through the CHUD archives to see what Dave wrote about that film!) is in charge, and I’ll bet you even money that Tyrese himself, sure to be super-hot off this summer’s Transformers, takes a role as a member of ‘an elite team of government-subsidized zombie-hunters who are mysteriously ambushed by a viscous new breed of zombie.’

Lead producer on the project, Rock Shaink (is he taking time off from a porn career?) says, "Being a big fan of the genre (zombie films), I’m extremely excited to have found a project that brings something new to the world, and that gives us one hell of a great ride doing so."

This is great news, and nobody deserves it more than Dave. I just hope that when he’s balls deep in Elle Fanning Dave Davis doesn’t forget us little people!