by his association with The Last Mimzy, Rainn Wilson, best known as the socially awkward Dwight Schrute from The Office, is bravely forging ahead with his big screen acting career, and may very well have found a pair of worthy collaborators in Mark and Brian Gunn (who both hail from the Missouri Gunns what spawned that thar James fellow). Them Gunn boys have been charged with fleshing out The Girlfriend Experience, which will star Wilson as a lovelorn nerd who pays a hooker to pose as his girlfriend. As we all know, there’s nothing more attractive to the ladies than an unavailable man (though an available, nude and oiled James Gammon comes close).

The Gunns just finished a draft of Mighty Mouse – which, all due respect, has no chance of matching Ralph Bakshi’s late 80s, joyously bug-fuck riff on the character – for Paramount and Nickelodeon, while Wilson’s schedule appears to be wide open. Though Variety is reporting that Wilson hooked up with the Gunns after reading Juvie, which they wrote for his Steve Carell, I’m just going to assume, based on nary a shred of evidence, that Jenna Fischer aka Mrs. James Gunn is pimping out the entire Gunn brood on the set of The Office, and that’s only because the idea of Fischer as a badass madam ala "Mom" in the 1983 instant classic Doctor Detroit turns me right the fuck on. By all means, hop right aboard this fantasy if you want, and feel free to add in T.K. Carter as needed.

Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock will be producing The Girlfriend Experience for their Montecito shingle over at Dreamamount. There’s no director attached yet, but I’m sure a Gunn is available for that gig, too.