The State of the State Update

Carl K shouts: Devin,

First Season is ready for download $9.95 on iTunes. Just thought I’d give you the heads up. I would like the DVDs as well, but this will have to do.

Devin replies:

Another angry dipshit

Derek S shouts: Dear Mr. Faraci,

Your articles kind of make you sound like a dick. Sorry, but I had to let you know. Batman Begins was a great movie.

Devin replies: Thanks for the heads up, Derek. Your email makes you sound like a retard. Batman Begins was not that good.

Pissing off all the Batman fans

‘snakeeyes’ shouts: How can a guy that buys comics on a regular basis.  Be so oblivious to a redesign of the Joker?  Miller is not goofying on GRITTY BATMAN.  He’s making Batman into a fucking jackass.  Yet you love it, and it makes you giggle.  Good for you.

However, at it’s core, Batman is an ideal.  An ideal being played off as real in a film makes for a better film.  Sure. You are in the category of people who disliked Batman Begins, Superman Returns, and most likely the Swamp Thing movies.  It still does not mean that the Joker now looks like an emo kid.  He looks like a guy who has been tortured.  God forbid that you put some psychology into these blasted rants of yours.

So, I eagerly await 2008 and you bitching about another Batman movie, an Iron-Man movie, and a HULK movie.  It should be a banner year of you bitching about movies.  I should not get ahead of myself.  Your ATHF review may have nothing on your bitching review of Transformers.  Take care of yourself…Dag.

Devin replies:

Everybody hates Scott Holleran

Matt shouts: Is he the worst film critic in Internet-dom? I do believe so yes.
It’s like every cranky craggly old stereotype thrown in a blender, mixed with fish and bananas and sprinkled with nuts. In other words, it’s stinks and it’s crazy.
He says that Children of Men is "is devoid of deeper meaning". Were we watching the same fucking movie? In his review, he mentions that the film has references to totalitarianism and the treatment of immigrants, and in the next fucking paragraph, tells me it has no deeper meaning!
Best movie of the year for him? The Illusionist, a hateful spiteful movie that rests godawful cliche upon godawful cliche. There’s no illusion in the Illusionist, save for tricking its audience into thinking their completely fucking stupid for sitting through such drivel.
There’s a reason for me visiting Chud, and that’s your editorials, Devin. You and I are on the same page on practically most things politically, from what you’ve published. It’s not that I like to read my own thoughts on the net… even though that’s satisfying… there’s just something inherently moral about being so pro-human rights and anti-censorship and all that good stuff about the power of the individual’s rights.
I’m sure Scott Holleran wants us to submit to Iron Man’s Superhero Registration.

Devin replies:

Pop up peeve

Zach shouts: Hey man. Long time reader of Chud here, you guys run the best film-news site on the net. I love it.
As you know, there comes a time in every man’s life when he must take a stand. Now is that time. It’s time for all of us to take a stand against these ridiculously irritating new breed of pop-up ads that make ass-warts seem like a minor nuisance.
Now I’m not the first to bitch about this, but something has got to be done about these things. I understand they’re a necessary evil, and they’re what keep sites like yours going. But this is a monster that is growing far too large. These ads that blow up and take over my entire screen or start blasting sounds out of my speakers, all while I’m burning out my retinas trying to find the microscopic X to close the fucking thing, are absolutely out of control.
The latest example is Vacancy. This is a flick I could’ve gone either way with at first. It looked halfway decent, and was getting some good word of mouth. But let me tell you, after having that fucking huge ad expand over my entire screen and block the pages I’m reading 6 badillion times over the past 2 weeks, I was sick of it before it even came out.
Obviously I know none of this is under your control. But maybe if enough webmasters start letting these people know that these overbearing ads are not necessarily giving them the positive exposure they’re looking for, we can put a stop to this.
By the way, your Friday the 13th reviews were fan-fucking-tastic. Great stuff.

Jason Takes Off His Mask in Manhattan

Daniel Robert Epstein shouts: when he pulls off the mask to scare the kids in times square it always reminded me of


Devin replies

Random F13 Trivia

Nate shouts: Harry Manfredini did the score work for Friday the 13th… but first he did the exact same score for Wes Craven for The Hills Have Eyes 2. Other strange crossover: one of the stuntmen for THHE 2 is none other than Kane Hodder, Jason for Chapters 7, 8, Final and X.

Devin replies:

How man more days til Halloween?

Gaétan shouts: Hey Devin,
Just wanted to tell you I’m really enjoying that serie of Friday the 13th reviews!  It’s a great idea, and it’s nicely done.  I’m not a fan of the movies (I’ve only seen one that I can remember… the next one you’ll review (goes to hell)) but I’ve been curious about the "phenomenon" that are those movies.
The fact that it’s heavy on spoilers makes it the perfect read for me!
PS : Any plans on making something like that a regular thing?  Maybe for halloween, you could do the Nightmare on Elm Street?

One for the ‘Can’t take a joke, which is why he likes Aqua Teen Hunger Force’ file

benjamin-eichner@uiowa.edu shouts: the quote about the civilian casualties in Iraq was absolutely deplorable. you are a waste. shame on you for calling for justifiable homicide over a movie. get fucked.

devin replies:

Electra Glide With Jim

Jim shouts: Electra Glide is such a great movie, glad you finally got to see it.  I bought it blind a few years ago when it hit the shelves, that and Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia…that was a great evening of movie watching!  Too bad it was James Guercia’s only film, really wanted to see more from him.

Anyways, I’ve been reading your stuff more and more over the last year or so, your definitely one of my favorite critics.  Keep it up, you’ve actually saved me from wasting time on some genuine turds!

Devin replies: