Apparently, we don’t care a lot.

I’ve always been a bit wary of the memory/timing/party games like D.D.R. and Guitar Hero and Rock Band.
I know they’re probably a blast to play but have always lost any
interest once I’ve seen the game in action with some blubbering
automaton rocking out in a catatonic state at the local GameStop.

This news from IGN got me a little worried, until I read further…

Faith No More is one of, if not my favorite band ever. The thought of them being a part of Rock Band
puts a different paint job on things. I also grew up with Kiss, so that
was gravy. I’d have to buy the game if it was going to include one of
my favorite numbers, preferably something from Angel Dust or King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime

I dodged a bullet.

The Faith No More song being added as downloadable content is We Care a Lot,
one of their very few hits with original singer Chuck Mosely. It’s
fine, but hardly the song I’d use to introduce a new generation of
aimless kids to. I mean, with all the bad music out there, especially
the sad amount of bands who suck a dick and were obviously influenced
by Billy Gould, Mike Patton, and gang… it’d be nice to showcase one
of the acts that did it when it wasn’t horrible emo/screamo/whatever
dumb name folks are calling it.

We Care a Lot. Not Midlife Crisis or Cuckoo for Caca or The Gentle Art of Making Enemies.

Whew! I can still be a Rock Band snob.

- Nick Nunziata is Just a Man.

And now… a Mary Worth War Strip from the vault…

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All apologizes to the creators of the strip. This intended as parody only and not an attempt to be the best thing ever.