week I told you that the MPAA had ordered Magnolia to change the website for the upcoming horror comedy Severance because a comedic image of a neck stump spurting blood was considered too extreme for the Internet. By the way, the Internet is where I saw the Mr. Hands video – you know, the one where a guy is being buggered by a horse*. Anyway, I have not returned to tell you that the MPAA has come to their senses but rather to bring you a quote from Severance director Christopher Smith. Smith has been bringing his film all over the world over the last few months and has butted up against some local mores along the way. Here’s what he had to say about the whole mess:

In America the film was passed uncut and rated R, the website was banned. In Malaysia the film is banned but the website’s okay. In France the film is rated 12 and the website is considered juvenile.

I’m confused.

Me too, Chris. It seems like America is really leading the way among industrialized nations these days – in executions and film advertising censorship. USA! USA! USA!

* The documentary about Mr. Hands and his horse fucking escapades, Zoo, is actually quite good. Look for my interview with director Robinson Devor soon.