ThatGameCompany, headed by Jenova Chen has made a name for itself crafting beautiful standalone experiences for gamers without the need for excessive violence or gore. The company is the definition of indie, though they are associated with Sony (which kills me, since I’m not a Playstation guy), they have been able to retain complete artistic autonomy.

August 28th is the day you can pick up their latest title, Journey, along with Flower and flow on a single blu-ray disc. For those who skipped these titles, this is the perfect chance for you to nab all three titles for the low-low price of $29.99.

But wait! There’s more! Bonus features include a 30-minute documentary on the making of Journey, creator commentary playthroughs of all three games (similar to what Valve does with the commentary tracks, for sure), concept art, soundtracks and much more!

You need these games in your life. I may buy a Playstation 3 just to play this bundle.