’ve not read any of the Harry Potter books even though I’ve seen all of the films (all of which I’ve enjoyed on a single viewing with no desire to see again except for the beauty that was Alfonso Cuaron’s Prisoner of Azkaban), so I didn’t know what exactly to expect from the upcoming installment, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. From one look at the brand new domestic trailer, which makes the international one we posted a couple of days ago look quite puny, it looks as if this is finally when the fecal matter truly hits the old-fashioned air-conditioning.

There are a number of new effects shots not seen in the international one, and there’s more footage of the rebellious students getting their bearings, organizing themselves, plus Harry standing up as a true leader. Oh, and there’s a good bit more Voldemort greatness, too.

Best of all, no AOL UK video to suffer through. Just crystal-clear HD goodness in your choice of formats over at Yahoo. Click here to love it. The film hits US theaters July 13.