(try not to bitch about episode 3…..try not to bitch about episode 3…..)

So, the wait was almost as long as the one for Episode 3 (shit….), but at long last, the circle is complete, and we have officially met the whole Team Fortress 2 team. Meet The Pyro is here. Sadly, anyone looking for a definitive answer to whether there’s a chick under that paunchy flame-retardant suit or not will be left wanting. The rumor mill keeps chugging however, thanks to some haphazard pronoun loopholing; The Scout calls him “he”, but the Heavy just calls the Pyro “that…THING…” And of course, there’s the prancing, and the pink, and the unicorn, and babies, and lollipops.

You read that right.

Check that sucker out down below. Not the best one they’ve done (That’d be Meet The Spy. No contest.), but still worthy of your 3 minutes. And if nothing else, it makes me grin at the idea of somebody with too much time on their hands coming up with a Pyro-Vision mod for TF2. (UPDATE: Turns out, that somebody is Valve!) On that same note, for the creative types out there, the short also acts as an announcement for Source Filmmaker, a software program designed to allow users to create films entirely using assets from TF2, up to and including mods you’ve created. You can sign up for the beta right here. First person to bring this whole thing full circle and recreate The Incredibles using that program gets a gold star.

Oh, and anyone wondering, that Adult Swim collaboration they were crowing about last week had something to do with a Robot Chicken hat, and well, fuck hats.