Special thanks to Jox from The B-Action Thread for bringing this to my attention.

Dolph Lundgren has had an upsurge in popularity since he was cast in The Expendables and its sequel. Many, including myself, thought it was long overdue that the man get another shot at glory, and he did not disappoint, being the most interesting character in the first film, and looking to be bringing that same charm again in the second.

In between he’s continued doing Direct To Video films, and the majority of them have been very well done, even by Direct To Video standards. His latest is a team up with Cuba Gooding Jr. himself having done a lot of Direct TO Video films in the past few years, and it looks pretty good. Cuba plays a serious hitman, and looks kind of funny doing it, but the real stand out is of course, Dolph. His character dresses in loud Hawaiian shirts and small hats. He looks to be relishing playing his role in the film, and Dolph is always at his best when playing a character with dubious motives (Gunnar) or flat out villains (Sgt. Scott!)

Here’s the trailer.

The film streets on disc on August 21st from Anchor Bay, so if you’re interested, it will be at the Redbox. Waiting for you to rent it.

source: crave online