RZA is a known for being as into martial arts as he is into being a rapper. He’s pals with Tarantino, and thus was born the idea for them to slap together an old fashioned 70’s-esque Kung-Fu tale. I remember years ago that Tarantino was mulling the idea of making a Kung-Fu movie that would be filmed entirely in Mandarin, and that he would even make an “English cut” that would have the appropriately bad English dub.

Here’s the first still from “The Man With The Iron Fists”, RZA’s film produced by Tarantino and Eli Roth, and as you can see, it’s not skimping on the gore.

Crazy gore and blood geysers were a trademark of Asian cinema in the 70’s and 80’s, and it’s cool that they’re bringing that back with this one. Its been a while since we’ve had a good fun martial arts throwback.

What is also cool is who’s in the cast alongside RZA. We’ve got RUSSELL CROWE and PAM GRIER in the film, along with Jamie Chung and Lucy Liu. I’m really hoping we see Russell Crowe throw down with RZA. If he’s the bad guy. Which I hope he is. About time we got another sinister performance from Crowe (his “bad guy” in the underrated Body Of Lies was one of the best things in there. Mark Strong being the best one.)

According to the source article, the trailer for this film streets some time this week, so I look forward to what kind of martial arts greatness will be on display.

source: bloody-digusting