Jokey.I don’t know if you’ve become hip to this or not, but apparently there’s some movie coming out called The Dark Knight. I hear it’s something about a guy dressed up in a bat costume and a green haired serial killer. If my sources have it right, the movie is currently shooting. It’s all hush-hush, so if you could keep this on the down-low, I’d appreciate it.

Since the whole thing’s so secret, I’m shocked (SHOCKED!) to see someone’s been snooping around from on high. Thanks to disregard of walls, security and spoiler-ey discretion, we get a low-res image of Heath Ledger as the recedingly hairlined Smiley One himself. That and a couple folks carrying boxes stuffed with Joker-esque mannequin heads. What’s shown is good news for members of The Sacred Order of the Batman
Canon Protectorate- things certainly look like they’re keeping to the iconic look of the nemesis of all nemesis, purple suits, green hair and all.

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The Batman Begins sequel hits theaters in thick, hot month of July, 2008.