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# 91 – Interview with the Vampire

Jason was a great guy. He was smart, wealthy, had a great sense of humor, and on the weekends he was a cabriolet. You could pop the top off and enjoy the town.

Interview With the Vampire:

What’s more dangerous than a vengeance-seeking, scythe-wielding Brad Pitt, rampaging through the catacombs of Paris, burning everything in his path? Well, nothing, especially if you happen to be Stephen Rea. He’s the poor sap who decides to confront Mad Man Pitt during his killing spree, and ends up being cleaved in half for his effort. Such is the payment for viewing Jaye Davidson’s goods (or, in this case, bads). (S.M.)


TOMORROW: #90 (Hint: Now THAT’S spicy!)

* – Reprinted from 2003