Park is finished.

I’m talking sound effects editing, color timing, credits, the MPAA, and all tha other noise. It came out great and is a really nice change-up from the current slate of horror flicks which simply try to outdo the previous film’s attempts to be raw and edgy. We’re planning to launch the website soon and will have video, pictures, and other fun stuff.

Now we’re talking to distributors, arranging screenings, and all that. Fun stuff. If you are in charge of acquisitions at a studio that isn’t Troma, hit me up. Don’t fear friends, I’m not expecting to land a distributor from some casual surfer but you never know. Who’d have thought I’d be dating Lily Thai?

For those who aren’t aware, the plot for Tom Skull’s debut feature is as follows:

As part of a new rehabilitation program, eight troubled young adults are sent to serve a week of community service in a remote California state forest range called Grizzly Park. Under the supervision of the stalwart Ranger Bob (Glenn Morshower of 24), the troubled group is given an opportunity to seek redemption on their journey through the forest.

While Ranger Bob seeks to provide both literal and spiritual guidance to the youngsters, an escaped serial killer with an insatiable bloodlust has also found his way into the park with every intention of disposing of anyone in his path. But he is not the only lethal hunter in these woods…

A throwback to the "pure" horror films of the 70’s and 80’s GRIZZLY PARK is a modern genre spin on the Biblical tale of Elisha. It is a story of the offer of forgiveness and redemption in the face of death, with the right blend of gore, comic relief and self-aware temperament that will delight many fans of the genre.

To the right is the current poster (click to enlarge), the credits are correct and the artwork is approved. Pretty snazzy stuff, eh? I’m real excited how this came out, because though I obviously was jazzed about it from day one it really was a great learning experience as well a chance to see something built from ground zero to finished product. That the finished product is so fun makes it akin to Nirvana. Not the band.

Over the next short while, you’ll start to see this little sucker come to life with pictures, video clips, and stuff but here’s a look at a still from the film. you may notice that one of the folks is hairier than the other. Hope you dig it.