Good lord this is an ugly poster. What is Spidey swinging into? The ground? Why is Lizard the size of Godzilla?

I’m embargoed on The Amazing Spider-Man until the 3rd*. But if you’re planning on seeing this film (you should) then I’d recommend springing for the full-on immersion of IMAX 3D. Marc Webb gets the gimmickry of 3D, throwing everything and the kitchen sink into the camera. It makes for some jaw-dropping visuals, and I’d go so far as to say this is the best 3D I’ve seen on a big screen to date. The film’s not without some issues (The Lizard), but the visuals ain’t one of them.  This is a movie that knows how to make its 3D work for it, and it demands the best theatrical experience possible.

Source: MTV via Collider

*Update: Review coming sooner than expected.