Despite a pretty downgrading last year in which his superhero epic and raunchy comedy failed to ignite much buzz, Ryan Reynolds remains a guy I think most of us wouldn’t mind seeing succeed. Meanwhile, Highlander is an aged, opposite-of-sacred IP with a decently catchy idea at its center. Seems like a great match for a potentially interesting reboot, no? You know, the kind they should be doing instead of going after classics simply to modernize or “ground” them?

Be that as it may, there’s still something clearly incongruous about Reynolds in the role of a loner immortal who spends his centuries-spanning life wacking other immortals via decapitation in a quest to become the only one left. I can buy Reynolds as a lot of things, but a time-weary traveler of the world and quiet, bloody conqueror of men I can not.

It’s great that the production made the call not to cast someone completely humorless in this inevitably gritty reboot, but this reflects the ever-narrowing short list off of which every major project seems to pull.

If you get sick of the nerd cry to “Cast Idris Elba!” every time a new role is announced or rumored… this is why.

Seriously though, they should have got Idris Elba.

Source | Tracking Board