As I’ve said before, the movie business is very unpredictable and slow-moving (though I hope to have an AMAZING announcement within a month), so I’m making sure my personal ideas see the light of day, which is why I’ve commissioned great artists and great people to help make it so. The result is my KrakenHeads company, which will develop comics and films and I’ve been happy to share with you samples of some of the projects in the works.

The first I shared was This Hollow World. Check it here.
The next I shared was Night Falls on Destiny. Check it here.
The next I shared was Day of the Devil. Check it here.

Now…. PAIN.

Of all the scripts I’ve written this is probably my favorite. It’s intimate yet epic, horror yet drama, and the result of a lot of time spent trying to take an idea where it needs to be without falling into the traps of the genre. There’s too many bad supernatural stories, WAY too many zombie projects, and I don’t have time to waste creating something only for the inevitable twist ending. This is a long project, a love story which will probably take up about five years of effort before the story is told. Here’s the beginning of the story, the early life of the protagonist, Matthew Grace. I hope you enjoy.

And now, eleven pages of Pain

Cover Concept

Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Page Four

Page Five

Page Six

Page Seven

Page Eight

Page Nine

Page Ten