Drowned!Wow. If we’re not being beat over the head with the subject… Fresh off the last 24 hours debate and musings on nihilistic filmmaking or lack thereof comes news on the Saw crew’s next. It’s titled, appropriately, Tortured.

The title plays out on both the psychological and physical aspects of pain, as the story follows the parental nightmare of a couple whose only child is kidnapped and murdered by a pedophile. The couple then takes matters into their own hands by making turnabout fairplay. I may be guessing here, but I don’t think this will go the psychological Hard Candy route.

Nail and barbwire fans Twisted Pictures will finance the film to be directed by TV director Rob Lieberman as written by Czeck Republican Marek Posival. Twisted takes a somewhat unique approach to distribution, as they self-finance and don’t seek it until the film is actually in production. Says Oren Koules, "We prefer to engage distributors when we’re in production, because by then, we have a script we like and we’re making the movie we want to make." I’m sure they won’t have any problem, as Lionsgate’s had a great run with their Saw series.

The picture is expected to start production in Toronto after the futuristic horror musical Repo! The Genetic Opera (which sounds dystopian until the whole Rock Opera thing illuminates the satirical- this movie’s gonna be effed up) is completed.

I don’t have the script details on this one, so I’ll reserve any judgement, but the torture-related movies seem to be piling up to a cyclically-standard and inevitable breaking point/ disappearance over the next few years.