Bourne skewedThe Bourne franchise has surprised me like few others in recent history. While Doug Liman’s original started the proceedings off on a well-made foot, Paul Greengrass’ The Bourne Supremacy really raised the bar and changed the rules of the game for spy flicks (even the Bond movies) and put out a tightly-wound, entertaining, and yet still substantial piece of espionage moviemaking that could not be denied. Greengrass driving the third installment, The Bourne Ultimatum, gives me no small amount of pleasure and assurance, but just in case doubters still exist, the teaser trailer has arrived.

While it confirms that this film stays rooted in the greatness of the last one, you may be a little disappointed at the amount of rehashing of past events that accounts for the first half. After that, it picks up considerably with shots of what looks to be a badass battle between Matt Damon and martial artist Joey Ansah. David Strathairn gets just a smidgen of screentime and Paddy Considine a little less than that, but they’re part of the backdrop when the trailer drops its load in the form of Damon’s "Oh, shit!"-inspiring last line of dialogue.

The intrigue hits theaters August 3, and you can check out
the new trailer in your choice of crystal clear HD formats
right here.