I don’t care what your thoughts are on Vacancy; go put Nimrod Antal’s Kontroll at the top of your Netflix queue. Despite a not-so-convincing serial killer subplot, Kontroll is one of the best and most entertaining bits of urban paranoia to surface in a long time. So even if Vacancy is not good, Antal’s still got cred.

Screen Gems believes in Antal enough that they’ve signed him into another director’s slot, this time for a new heist flick called Armored. James V. Simpson’s screenplay has a young armored car guard duped into snatching his truck’s ten million dollar payload…by his fellow guards.

Variety reports a projected fall start date, but that may change based on Vacancy‘s performance this weekend. Not that I want it to do too well, but since Hot Fuzz isn’t opening wide enough to take first anyway, let’s give Nimrod a leg up and root for him over Fracture, alright?